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Victoria Cooper is a multifunctional artist. After years building and upcycling her own look in italy just using Napoli's street as her catwalk. a passionate fashion photography who decide to converge all of her skills in one concept.  
meeting Diego Ciaramella, adv director and music producer. Both linked by the passion of collecting and refurbish vintage pieces. 
Both signed by the Italian Style and in love with everything that preserves an history with an artistic and conceptual touch, from the design of an apartment to an individual aesthetic and styling. 
In the city where all is based on the Aestethic, sometimes losing the sense of the quality, MIAMI was the place where CAPSOOL was born.
During the Pandemic, After months refurbishing the Vintage Airstream and building the all concept CAPSOOL was ready to go in different location spreading the word about how to shop consciously.
CAPSOOL is the son born from the passion for the Vintage and from the desire to support the sustainability as a reason why we highly believe that have a piece from the Past up cycled in line on the trends, it's one of the thing that makes you COOL AND UNIQUE!